VBHC Dragon’s Grant & Endorsement

Real Game Changers in Patient Value Creation on the Way to Becoming Future VBHC Prize Winners

The Value-Based Dragon’s Grant & Endorsement is developed in the interest of bringing together highly experienced early adopters of the Value-Based Health Care concept and pioneering early stage initiatives. The goal is to endorse the VBHC rough diamonds that need some shaping and grant the VBHC growth diamonds that need to scale-up in order to accelerate their VBHC intitiative. These nominees are the VBHC Prize winners of the future!

The Value-Based Dragon’s Grant & Endorsement 2019 will take place on April 17th on Buitenplaats Amerongen in Amerongen. Here four very promosing initiatives of each category will be representing their initiatives to an international jury with experts from different backgrounds. In the first round they will have the opportunity to be consulted on pressing issues by the Dragon’s Den members that are most relevant to their initiative. Hereafter, the contestants are able to process newly gained insights into their pitch before they take the stage and start to compete against each other.

The Dragon’s Grant winner receives support and advice in upscaling worthy of €10.000,-. Moreover, the winner is able to pitch their initiative during the VBHC Prize on April 18th and benefit from all media attention and communication surrounding the event. This way, they build up momentum and we create traction for their initiative.

Dragon’s Den/jury 2019

Nominees 2019

Dragon’s Grant category

Laurentius Hospital Roermond – IncoCure. Improving healthcare for women who suffer from urinary incontinence, resulting in a better quality of life together with cost reduction. Read more …

Region Hospitalet RandersThe Family Together. Improving both the health outcome and the psychosocial bonding between parents and their newborn child by keeping the family members together despite need for treatment in diverse medical specialties. Read more …

Maasstad ziekenhuisContracting acute care in Maasstad hospital. We want to be THE acute center in our service area, optimally equipped to receive each and every patient with an urgent medical need. Therefore we focus on delivering the right kind of acute care for our patients, in a timely manner and with a high quality. Read more …

Aga Khan University Hospital KarachiValue Based Care for Children with Congenital Heart Defects in Lower Middle-Income Country. Quality of care in LMIC is suboptimal. This initiative aims to implement value-based health care for children with congenital heart disease in LMIC with a deliberate focus on quality of health service by providing effective, safe, patient and family centred care that is timely, equitable, integrated and efficient. Read more …


Dragon’s Endorsement Category

The Golden Helix FoundationValuating Personalized Healthcare. We aim to provide the economic evidence that drug treatment individualization based on the patient’s genetic profile can help to reduce the overall healthcare expenditure. Read more …

Clinica Medica dell’Università Politecnica delle Marche-Azienda Ospedali Riuniti Torrette di Ancona – PID Early Diagnosis (PED). Wants to IMPROVE the knowledge of these diseases and early diagnosis of PID. We intend to create a solid network involving IPU to improve the quality of life of PID patients. Read more …

EasyROMEasyROM, Measuring Quality of medical treatments. Everybody, not every patient, has the right to highest Quality of Life level. To reach that level, everybody needs the best health care, tailored to their needs. EasyROM provides the insights for them, with the EasyROM app, a contemporary innovation, that puts the person in an active and centred role. Read more …DigiPharm – Blockchain for burden free and trusted VBHC contracting. The world’s first blockchain based platforms for value-based pricing of healthcare. We use blockchain to create a medical information infrastructure that enables trust in outcomes that will be used for healthcare reimbursement and smart contracts to remove the administrative burden of tracking and executing these agreements. Read more …

An impression of the first edition of the VBHC Dragon’s Grant & Endorsement. 


Winner VBHC Dragon’s Grant 2018

Netherland Cancer InstituteSaving Women with Premalignant Breast disease, paradigm shift to label less women as cancer patients. Labelling fewer women as cancer patients, reducing associated medicine use and preventing unnecessary surgeries results in a higher quality of life. Read more …


Winners VBHC Dragon’s Endorsement 2018


PharmAccess Group and Joep Lange InstituteMobile Primary Care in Remote Areas. A mobile platform in Kenya to create transparancy on costs and outcomes that matter most to patients in remote areas. Read more …



Stichting Epilepsie Instellingen NederlandNightWatch Makes Detection of Nocturnal Epileptic Seizures Possible. A seizure detection system, which sets off an alarm for all nocturnal life-threatening seizures or seizures requiring immediate care, providing relief of care at night. Read more …


Nominees 2018

Dragon’s Grant category


Cardiologie Centra NederlandHartwacht: Mobile Health Program to Monitor Heart Diseases. Enable heart patients to have better control over decisions and actions affecting their health by monitoring heart diseases ultimately resulting in better quality of life. Read more …

Isala logo 2013

Isala KliniekenAdding value in the creation of life. A move towards prediction and joint decision making on several treatment pathways. Engage in unfulfilled child wish to create patient value and improve the quality of live on the full cycle of care. Read more …

Dragon’s Endorsement Category

Catharina ZiekenhuisAlgorithm for Facial Reconstruction. A dynamic and self-learning algorithm for the reconstruction of facial defects. The algorithm measures patient satisfaction and is directly updated with the emergence of new evidence striving for excellent patient value. Read more …
Isala logo 2013

Isala KliniekenVBHC in Pregnancy and Childbirth. Decrease neonatal morbidity and mortality, improve Patient-Reported Experience Measures (PREMs) and reducing health care costs. Read more …

Dragon’s Den/jury 2018
Dragon's Den

An impression of the Value-Based Health Care Dragon event

The Dragon’s Den, Grant & Endorsement Nominees & Non-voting Chairman prof. dr. Fred van Eenennaam
VBHC Community at work: Value-Based Health Care Center Europe is delighted to see that the international VBHC community helps to scale up pioneering VBHC initiatives
Dens/jury members Daan Rooijmans and Griffin Myers provide feedback to Isala’s initiative on VBHC in Pregnancy and Childbirth
Semi-Final of the Dragon’s Grant between Cardiologie Centra Nederland and Isala
Fully concentrated Den/jury choosing the winner of the Dragon’s Grant