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pre-application page

VBHC Dragons of the Americas

April 18-19th, 2024 – VBHC Dragons of the Americas
The first edition of VBHC Dragons of the Americas will take place on April 18-19 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, as part of the inaugural VBHC Summit of the Americas. It will be an occasion to celebrate and learn from existing VBHC implementation initiatives from across Canada and Brazil, to hear about promising ongoing projects, and to network and mobilize like-minded, value-driven healthcare leaders.
The Scientific Agenda will bring together renowned VBHC experts from America and Europe and  VBHC Dragons nominees. The VBHC Dragons was launched in 2018 by the Value-Based Health Care Center Europe with the aim of bringing together highly experienced early adopters of the Value-Based Health Care concept and pioneering early-stage initiatives. The goal is to endorse the VBHC rough diamonds that need some shaping and grant the VBHC growth diamonds that need to scale up in order to accelerate their VBHC initiative. These nominees are the VBHC Prize winners of the future!
The winners of the VBHC Dragons will not only gain recognition for their promising initiatives, but also a personalized coaching session from VBHC Ambassadors and gain automatic participation in the international VBHC Dragons in Amerongen, The Netherlands, on May 14th 2024. 

"Participation in the competition inspired us to continue our activities, and the Jury Report gave us valuable tips on how to plan our future activities"

- Ewa Bandurska, PhD | Pomeranian Model for Integrated Care, Winner VBHC Dragons Grant 2021 | Winner of the first VBHC Dragons of Poland in 2021

Previous winners of the international VBHC Dragons Grant

Previous winners of the international VBHC Dragons Endorsement

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