VBHC Certified Green Belt

Become a Value-Based Health Care (VBHC) Certified Green Belt

In the past ten years an increasing number of people throughout the world, including health providers, health insurers, industry and patient organizations, have embraced the VBHC concept. Implementing the VBHC concept to create excellent patient value is happening more and more. Knowledgeable and passionate VBHC experts are needed in implementing VBHC. The VBHC Green Belt is the certificate that proves your VBHC knowledge and passion for creating excellent patient value.

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“Being a VBHC Certified Green Belt is of great value to my day-to-day work as clients understand that I have up-to-date knowledge of Value-Based Health Care and how to improve healthcare delivery.”
VBHC Certified Green Belt 2016 –

“As a Lean Black Belt the VBHC Certified Green Belt certificate is a great acknowledgement of my VBHC knowledge and striving towards excellent patient value.”
Lean Black Belt with increasing experience in healthcare 2018-

How to become a VBHC Certified Green Belt

  1. Participate in a VBHC course a.o.;

    Do you want to participate in one of the VBHC courses? Click on one of the links above;
    If you suspect you have participated in a relevant VBHC course which is not listed above, please contact us via info@vbhc.nl;

  2. Apply via the VBHC CGB form for the VBHC Certified Green Belt exam;
  3. You will receive your VBHC Green Belt certificate and logo after passing the multiple choice exam with ≥80%;
  4. Your name will be included in the VBHC Certified Green Belt database. The VBHC Certified Green Belt is valid for two years.

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Continuous VBHC education

Recertification is needed every two years based on continuous education in VBHC. Participation in at least 12 hours of VBHC education in two years (= 12 VBHC points) is needed for recertification.

Informing us on your followed relevant education is required. Courses which are eligible for VBHC PE points are a.o. VBHC Masterclasses by The Decision Institute, Meetbaar Beter symposium, Santeon Care for Outcome symposium, VBHC course at Harvard Business School, ICHOM Virtual Learning Series, Maasstad Ziekenhuis Seminar VBHC, VBHC Prize Event.


Becoming a VBHC Certified Green Belt requires an initial investment of €290,-. If you are required to repeat the exam, an additional fee of €75,95 will be charged.

Every year you are required to reregister your certificate for €39,50.

Recertification (every two years) as described above is free for members of VBHC Center Europe. If you are not a member, recertification requires an investment of €86,95.

*All fees are excl. VAT.


VBHC Certified Green Belts are listed in the VBHC Certified Green Belt database. The names of the VBHC Certified Green Belts are respected as required by the ‘Wet op de Privacy’.


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