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What is Value-Based Health Care Center Europe?

Purpose & History

In 2008, without official notifications, a group of national and international professionals, including Value-Based Health Care Center Europe’s current Chairman Prof. Dr. Fred van Eenennaam, went to Boston to participate in the Harvard program on healthcare organized by the group around Harvard University Professor Michael E. Porter, PhD.  This group was so inspired by the concepts of Value-Based Health Care as developed at Harvard, that they decided to continue the discussion on this subject in the Netherlands. They came together and discussed special themes within healthcare. This informal network of academic and healthcare professionals was labeled Value-Based Health Care Center Europe. Founder of The Decision Institute, Prof. Dr. Fred van Eenennaam,  was amongst many others, active in this group that shared a lot of knowledge about Value-Based Health Care over time. Many interested people have found this network, either via the large number of case teachings and masterclasses that have been organized by The Decision Institute from 2009 onwards, or through other means.  In 2009, Value-Based Health Care Center Europe inserted a structure of Chapters (on disease areas) and Themes. Sessions were organized on themes like Diagnostics, Outcomes measures and Cost, and were visited by professionals that just wanted to exchange knowledge or that were interested in education about these themes.

Nowadays, Value-Based Health Care Center Europe has grown to a not-for-profit organization with official members that builds on the foundations that were set in 2008. Since 2012, the organization came to the point where it needed to be more organized. Subsequently, it has grown to a European Network which brings national and international experiences together, and is right on top of the implementation of Value-Based Health Care.

In that light, Value-Based Health Care Center Europe organized the Value-Based Health Care Prize 2014, with honorary chairman Harvard University Professor Michael Porter, PhD, and well deserved credits to his team and the excellent education programs at Harvard.


The Value-Based Health Care Center Europe wants to provide a platform where visitors and members can learn about the Value-Based Health Care concepts, share their own knowledge and get inspired to start the discussion on Patient Value.

Value-Based Health Care Center Europe wants to enable medical professionals, academic professionals, patient organizations, educators, healthcare managers, government officials, health insurers, and industrial innovators to start the discussion about Value-Based Health Care, by providing a platform where visitors and members can learn about the Value-Based Health Care concepts as well as opportunities, to form national and international academic councils around themes and chapters of interest.


The principle of Value-Based Health Care Center Europe is to make a collective effort on creating Patient Value (patient relevant medical outcomes divided by costs), in collaboration with patients, their families, doctors and their teams.
Value-Based Health Care Center Europe’s objectives are to help facilitate the implementation of the concepts of VBHC, by developing new and existing methodologies, creating best practices, and disseminating these among the international network.


Sharing knowledge on a wide variety of healthcare issues through Chapters & Academic Councils sets the benchmark for the validation and implementation of Value-Based Health Care standards.

Chapters are formed by a group of people sharing insights and experiences on the implementation of Value-Based Health Care concepts internationally, that are focused on a (group of) medical condition.  Chapters meet under Chatham House Rules. The Chapter can decide to initiate amongst others: studies, conferences, education materials, white papers, and case discussions.  Value-Based Health Care Center Europe provides some organizational support as well as input from the network.

Prominent chapters include:
–          Cardiology
–          Diabetes
–          Elderly Care
–          Neurology
–          Oncology
–          Women’s health

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Creating a healthcare environment with ‘real outcomes, real connections, and one common language’ is the prime focus of Value-Based Health Care Center Europe. The Value-Based Health Care Prize (VBHC Prize) is one of the platform’s initiatives.

Value-Based Health Care Center Europe offers the VBHC Prize to honor those initiatives that have adopted a fundamentally new line of thinking in creating value for patients.
The VBHC Prize seeks to reward those projects that:

  1. Deliver superior patient value.
  2. Are patient centered, doctor driven.
  3. Innovate in the broadest sense of the word; i.e. organizational, medical, and/or diagnostics.
  4. Are implementable within the full cycle of care.
  5. Implementable in a wide range of healthcare issues as well as having potential for up-scaling.

The graph shows the move away from traditional care towards the innovation of Value-Based Health Care. Patients and medical professionals are responsible for Patient Value (patient relevant medical outcomes divided by costs).

  matrix VBHC Prize

View Harvard University Professor Michael E. Porter on the healthcare system’s dirty secrets: How the health care system is not focused on delivering value for patients:

Read more about the Value-Based Health Care Prize or visit www.vbhcprize.com



Various international institutions, sponsors, universities and networks help Value-Based Health Care Center Europe to develop, teach and disseminate Themes on implementing Value-Based Health Care concepts and methodologies.

Themes are topics or issues that are relevant for improved implementation, or for improved methodologies of Value-Based Health Care, and are typically relevant across all Chapters and medical conditions. Often the Chapters, the Advisory Council or the International Academic Advisory Council suggest a Theme, which is then focused on publications or a systematic study, to be disseminated across the network. Value-Based Health Care Center Europe wants to help developing these themes for educational purposes, and wants to ‘teach the teacher’. Various international institutions such as The Decision Institute and The George Washington University facilitate global learning programs on implementing Value-Based Health Care.

Key Themes include:
–          Value of Diagnostics
–          Outcome Measures
–          Cost
–          Regional Integration
–          Shared Decision Making

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