VBHC Thinkers Magazine, Spring 2022 Edition

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"VBHC Thinkers Magazine, Spring 2022 Edition"

Why is VBHC the best answer to healthcare challenges so far?

VBHC implementation is coming of age!
As the VBHC implementation community, we have seen VBHC implementation become successful in all medical conditions over the years! South-America/Brazil is now stepping forward since JoinVasc (Brazil) won 2021 VBHC Prize winner next to wonderful VBHC Award and Dragon Winners in 2021.
In many places around the world, capacity to implement VBHC/high value care is growing. ICHOMs and other great outcomes sets, and outcomes building teams, have been making VBHC implementation much easier. “VBHC implementors” like us have benefited from good education programs and VBHC implementation-focused certification like the VBHC Greenbelt since 2006.