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Date and Place:

Buitenplaats Amerongen

Amerongen, The Netherlands

13.00 PM to 17.15 PM (UTC/GMT +2 hours, Amsterdam Time Zone)

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The Value-Based Health Care Prize seeks to recognize those projects that have adopted a fundamentally new line of thinking in creating value for patients in terms of real outcomes, real cost, real connections, one common language and are doctor-led initiatives.

Have a look at some inspirational examples and our previous VBHC Prize winners on the VBHC Prize website.

What is the VBHC Prize?

The Value-Based Health Care concept is developed at Harvard University, having the ultimate goal of enhancing Patient Value. In order to share the concepts of Value-Based Health Care, the Value-Based Health Care Center Europe (VBHCE) was founded. The VBHCE is a platform that envisions to share and create concepts of Value-Based Health Care, develop new and existing methodologies, create best practices, and disseminate experiences on implementing Value-Based Health Care concepts and methodologies in The Netherlands, across Europe and internationally.

As leading theme, the Value-Based Health Care Prize will offer a stage for innovative and exceptional improvements in healthcare and thereby seeks to create chances for new connections and spin-offs for new improvements. The Value-Based Health Care Prize is the pinnacle project of the Value-Based Health Care Center Europe, which is an independent platform that shares-creates-disseminates experiences and knowledge on implementing Value-Based Health Care delivery.

The Value-Based Health Care Prize’s philosophy is to recognize, embrace and cherish endeavors that redefine healthcare and honors those doctors, hospitals, institutions and projects that have adopted a new and innovative solution to improve Patient Value.


The Value-Based Health Care Prize seeks to reward those projects that:

  1. Deliver superior Patient Value
  2. Are patient centered, doctor driven
  3. Are cost effective
  4. Innovate in the broadest sense of the word; i.e. organizational, medical, and/or diagnostics.
  5. Are implementable within the full cycle of care.


“It is a great honor for me to have a role in the VBHC Prize and to have my name associated with such a professional and innovative effert.”

Prof. Michael E. Porter



Please contact us with any questions you may have about this certification at info@vbhc.nl or fill in our contact form here.

VBHC Prize 2023 – Attend the event

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