VBHC Dragons Grant and Endorsement

May 9th, 2023 – VBHC Dragons Grant and Endorsement 2023

The Value-Based Dragons Grant & Endorsement is developed in the interest of bringing together highly experienced early adopters of the Value-Based Health Care concept and pioneering early stage initiatives. The goal is to endorse the VBHC rough diamonds that need some shaping and grant the VBHC growth diamonds that need to scale up in order to accelerate their VBHC initiative. These nominees are the VBHC Prize winners of the future.

The Dragons Grant winner receives support and advice on upscaling worth of €10.000,-. Moreover, the winner will also be able to pitch their initiative during the VBHC Prize 2023 on May 10th and benefit from all media attention and communication surrounding the event. This way, they build up momentum and we create traction for their initiative.

Pre-applications for the VBHC Dragons Grant and Endorsement 2023 are open! Want to apply? Send an email to application@vbhcprize.com stating your initiative in max. 100 words

Pre-applications close January 8th, 2023

"Participation in the competition inspired us to continue our activities, and the Jury Report gave us valuable tips on how to plan our future activities"

- Ewa Bandurska, PhD | Pomeranian Model for Integrated Care, Winner VBHC Dragons Grant 2021 -

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Previous winners VBHC Dragons Endorsement

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