Elderly Care

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In the Netherlands, nearly 2,5 M seniors age 65 or more (14,6% of the population). In 2050 that number is expected to be around 4.5M (26% percent of the population). Currently, major policy changes are prepared and in motion in large parts of the elderly care system. Not least the new role for local governments to be held responsible and accountable for the elderly care service delivery.

The concept of Value-Based Health Care with a clear focus on value (outcomes) for the (elderly) patient, the cost effectiveness challenges and the need to organize effectively, makes this a key chapter in the Value-Based Health Care Center Europe for the next period.

On national and international level, people are experimenting with new models and different ideas. Different models of patient, patient family and social systems are tested and investigated. The aim of the chapter is to create a Value-Based Health Care delivery model, while sharing and disseminating different national and international experiences. The George Washington University (Dr Bob Burke a.o.) and the World Health Organization’s initiatives, combined with the growing Dutch experiences in building networks and collaborations in elderly care, are rich sources and a huge inspirations for the chapter of elderly care.

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