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Diabetes is a debilitating chronic medical condition with an increasing prevalence and incidence. In the Netherlands, there are 200 people diagnosed with Diabetes every day. Patients are treated, but primarily monitored in a continuous cycle of testing and adapting.

Creation and optimization of value for chronic patients, like Diabetes patients, is completely different than for acute medical conditions such as an Acute Myocardial Infarction: with different patient relevant medical outcomes, experiences and expectations. Value-Based Health Care provides tools to address this chronicle characteristic of the condition: among others the adapted Value Tier by Prof. Teisberg of The Harvard Business School.

Chronic Tier

A lot of research and actions have already been done to increase Patient Value for this disease. Diagnostics with a high user value are developed, prevention and adaptation of life style is stimulated, and optimal monitoring carousels are adapted. The aim of the Diabetes Chapter is to be a fly-wheel for those who would like to invest and exchange best practices of chronic medical conditions, and in particular Diabetes.

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