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Cardiology is the specialism with the most developed and tested outcome measures in the world. The Cleveland Clinic is an excellent example, and one of the pioneers on measuring quality of cardiac medical conditions by outcome measures. In Europe, several initiatives are popping up to complete the set patient relevant medical outcome measures to support the treatment of the most common medical conditions, namely cardiovascular diseases.

An example of these initiatives is Measurably Better (in Dutch: Meetbaar Beter). Measurably Better is a scientifically based program using patient relevant medical outcome indicators in a physician-driven and patient-centered manner to improve quality and transparency of healthcare in the participating cardiac centers. For more information please visit

Worldwide recognized value based healthcare initiative of “Meetbaar Beter” the leading, cardiovascular medically relevant patient outcome measures.
Worldwide recognized Value-Based Health Care initiative of “Meetbaar Beter”. The leading, cardiovascular medically relevant patient outcome measures.

The aim of the Cardiology Chapter is to stimulate this groundwork and support the completion of the development of outcome measures. Next to outcome measures, this chapter focuses on the value of cardiac diagnostics. “Time is muscle” and every improvement in faster diagnostic decision making will increase Patient Value enormously.

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