Vivent longer at home

Chantal verhoeven


The aim of the project is to allow vulnerable people, dependent on home care, in the Den Bosch area to live at home for as long as possible.


In this project, Vivent works closely with other types of care organizations. (IVT and Home Instead) Their core business is providing care at a lower level of expertise, with  attention to the client as a particular value.  Vivent mainly has higher-skilled staff who specialize in performing (complex) technical nursing procedures.

Vivent employees have a higher education level in health care, which makes them more expensive per hour. By reducing these hours, there is room for more hours of other care (IVT / Home Instead).

By working together we ensure that the right healthcare provider is in the right place at the right time.

As a result, clients are able to continue to live in a safe manner at their own trusted home for longer.

Vivent provides the deployment of a district nursing team that coordinates care with the client en coordinates care between organisations. They perform (complex) medical procedures according to the care plan, for which only highly trained personnel are authorized
IVT and Home Instead provide block care (at the client behind the front door) so that the client receives the necessary personal attention and is assisted with daily personal care.

As a result, the district nursing team at Vivent will spend less time behind the front door at the client, leaving time to help more clients in the same period of time.

Clients can stay at home longer and admission to a health care institution or hospital is postponed or avoided