Regional Integration

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Creating more Patient Value for more patients requires more and more team work, coordination and working together across disciplines and institutions. Especially when implementing the value-Based Health Care concept with its focus on medical conditions team work, coordination among multiple people, disciplines, institutions, agencies while looking at the same outcomes and working with initial patient conditions is at the heart of the change. To create networks that work well, often not easily enabled by the health administrative and governance systems, proves to be quite a challenge if it needs to be based on more than the individual good will of doctors and the vision of health leaders.

The Value-Based Health Care concept provides a solid base for this change. The aim of the group active on this theme is to exchange best practices internationally on the change processes that work. This multifaced topic were individual and group changes processes, health administrative strategic choices play a role and the power balances in the system make this theme a multiyear effort to create good change and governance best practices within the Value-Based Health Care concept.