Themes are topics or issues that are relevant for improved implementation, or for improved methodologies of Value Based Healthcare, and are typically relevant across all Chapters and medical conditions. Themes are pieces of research on specific subjects in healthcare that are not directly, but definitely linked to medical conditions. Often the Chapters, the Advisory Council or the International Academic Advisory Council suggest a Theme, which is then focussed on publications or a systematic study to be disseminated across the network. The Value Based Healthcare Center wants to help developing these themes for educational purposes.

Six years ago the first theme, ‘Roles & Strategic options for health insurers’ was developed and discussed in collaboration with The Decision Group and The Decision Institute. The second theme that was developed was ‘Strategic configurations of hospitals’. An example of a theme that is active at the moment is ‘Value of Diagnostics‘. Three times, a group of 20 people was brought together to discuss the value of diagnostics from a Value Based Healthcare perspective, which resulted in a very useful whitepaper.

Our goal is to establish a connection between professionals that are active on different themes within Value Based Healthcare. The Value Based Healthcare Center Europe initiates the themes, after which organizations as The Decision Group and The Decision Institute execute the research or other requiered activities.

Read more about our themes:

Outcome Measures
Value of Diagnostics
Shared Decision Making
Regional Integration

If you are interested in participating in forming research groups around the themes, or develop new themes, please contact us so we can discuss the possibilities with you!