PX Pulse

Dr. Devyani Chowdhury


PX Pulse intends to revolutionize patient experience by making it predictive, proactive and personalized. The use of artificial intelligence and machine learning will predict the patient experience, trigger real-time interventions to improve the patient experience and collaborate with the care team across the patient’s journey to deliver high quality care with patient-centered outcomes.


PX Pulse is a unique initiative as it focuses on patient experience in real time. Most patient experience data is collected after the patient has left the medical system and is based on patient surveys. The concerns expressed by the patient filling the survey cannot be addressed for that patient. This initiative allows us to proactively predict and provide an opportunity to improve and maximize patient experience. This allows us to drive health care delivery that is patient centered. Many studies have shown that a positive patient experience drives patient outcomes [1][2][3]. Our initiative uses an AI based algorithm that extracts data from multiple sources including electronic medical record, patient portal and patient feedback.

The initiative uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to improve patient experience. The initiative can be implemented for any medical condition. The patient value is defined based on patient experience. In addition to measuring compassionate care delivered the product measures outcomes defined in HCAPS score. The patient experience is measured in real time thus allowing the care team to address the patient concerns during the hospital stay versus based on post-discharge surveys [2]. AI helps in identifying factors which impact an individual patient journey and helps predict patient satisfaction. Based on factors identified as predictive of individual patient experience, employees with the right skills are matched to the patient to pro- vide patient centric personalized care. PX Pulse has carved out solution that enables care teams at hospital to provide optimal care, with high quality yet excellent experience to patient. There are IPUs created for the implementation of the product and include members of multi-disciplinary team including nurses, residents and other care members of the team. This product is being implemented in LMIC and in HIC. The current collaborators are team at Aga Khan University in Pakistan and Boston Children’s Hospital in the US. The product not only aims to improve patient experience but also targets at saving cost of healthcare delivery.

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