IncoCure is an online service for women with urinary incontinence, which offers a personalized diagnosis and advice for self-management, based on a computerized Diagnostic Expert Program (DEP). Urinary incontinence is embarrassing which results is in massive under treatment and is often concealed by pad use. The aim of the IncoCure initiative is to improve healthcare for women who suffer from urinary incontinence, resulting in a better quality of life together with cost reduction.

A multi center clinical validation study with 320 patients in 5 hospitals with expert teams consisting of nurses, urologists, physiotherapists and gynaecologists. The study demonstrated a positive predictive value of 90% for the correct diagnosis made by DEP. Next a nationwide nurse led continence service was launched for consultation at home combined with DEP to delivered superior patient value. Personalized treatment advice on lifestyle, diet, fluid intake, pelvic floor muscle training and/or bladder training was given. Risk factors were used for referral advice. Outcome measurements resulted in improved quality of life in 72% of women with an average pad reduction of 25%.

These findings prompted to make DEP available online for laywomen. An eHealth application consisting of a questionnaire combined with DEP was launched. More than 10.000 women in Belgium and the Netherlands used the self-management tool. Feedback was installed to improve the tool. 74% of users reported a good experience.

The IncoCure application is thoroughly build and validated by expert teams. It can be used worldwide and is instrumental in breaking the taboo of incontinence.