Dr. Tess Korthout


Platform providing information on recruiting clinical trials to cancer patients and their beloved ones to empower them in SDM with their oncologist.


Clinical trials do not just advance science; they also serve as in-the-moment treatment options for cancer patients. However, research has shown that only 5% of patients actually participates in clinical trials. The biggest reasons for this are that both patients and oncologists are not aware of the latest research, but also that certain studies might not be available in a centre close to the patient.

iClusion is an impact company that increases accessibility for clinical trials for cancer patients and their treating oncologists. We aim to achieve this goal by seeing the patient NOT AS THE ENDPOINT of drug development BUT AS THE STARTING POINT.

We developed an infrastructure called Trial Eye that connects all stakeholders in the clinical trial process in a closed-loop ecosystem. This increases the access to trials in two ways. First, it makes it possible to offer the trial in more sites and thus increasing access for patients. Trial Eye drastically reduces the effort of starting-up a study by digitising and harmonising the process, making it a matter of weeks instead of months. Second, Trial Eye makes sure patients and oncologists never have to miss a trial. It contains the only database on recruiting clinical oncology trials in the Netherlands and Belgium that is complete and always up to date (we called this module Matchpoint). We also offer the same database as a public service called Heyleys, where patients can look-up all recruiting trials in The Netherlands in a user-friendly manner and are motivated to discuss (these) clinical trial extra treatment opportunity with their oncologist.

The footprint iClusion wants to leave on this planet, is changing the lives of cancer patients by growing to a network of 300-400 contracted study-sites globally reaching at least the patients of 2000 cancer treatment centres. This concept is revolutionary because it is designed from the viewpoint of the two most important stakeholders: the patient and their physician. If they have easy access to clinical trials and can participate, drug development can speed up.

Current status

The Trial-Eye infrastructure already has 10 contracted study sites in the Netherlands (and growing), increasing access to oncology clinical trials to more than 90 oncologists/haematologists treating more than 75.000 cancer patients. The total reach of Trial-Eye is 54 study sites in Belgium and the Netherlands by individual research professionals having free accounts to our Matchpoint module. The Heyleys platform in the Netherlands has been consulted by more than 10,000 unique visitors within its first 3 months of existence and will be launched in Belgium mid Q2-2021.

Ultimately more patients can have an extra treatment options by participating in a clinical trial and drugs can be brought to market earlier.