EasyROM, Measuring Quality of Medical Treatments

EasyROM is a mobile app, that lets the patient, the most important person in healthcare, decide how good the quality of it is. In very short, easy to understand questionnaires of 3 to 8 questions, EasyROM makes it possible to get a scientifically accurate and reliable medical treatment outcome measurement. These measurements are 100% anonymous and are comparable, meaning it can be used to benchmark treatments, but also other innovations for their effectiveness from e-health, biotech and medtech sectors, because it all comes down to the outcome with the patient, i.e. does that innovation work? EasyROM has a global reach, as the full international catalogue of questionnaires has already over 500 questionnaires in English alone covering almost all medical issues, from brain injuries to all cancers, mental issues, social health issues. The questionnaires catalogue is actively expanding every day in more than 70 languages, including Spanish, Mandarin/Cantonese, Hindu, Arabic, French, German, etc… This expansion is done by the world’s most renowned medical and academic institutions. EasyROM has already released EasyROM Pro and Selfcare for the Dutch/Flemish-speaking population and is very soon expanding into the English and Spanish-speaking population, covering almost 1.8 billion people globally. With EasyROM, each patient can see their satisfaction with health care delivery, treatment recommendations and medications. EasyROM gives actual experiences with health care services and fosters patient activation, as is reflected in the feedback by the parties currently using EasyROM actively.

EasyROM is currently actively being used clinically, by an independent psychiatrist, a Therapeutic Experience Worker and several pilot projects, ranging from general practitioners, to mental health care professionals and their patients, but also of course, patients in selfcare.

The core of EasyROM, the questionnaires, are undisputed. They are proven valid by renowned medical institutions all over the world and as such recognized as a minimum, equal, but often better alternative to the classic methods of measuring outcomes. Those classic methods do not have the same advantages that EasyROM does offer for all parties involved in the health care chain, not only doctors and patients, but also insurers, innovators, governments, NGO’s, military, etc etc.