Contracting acute care in Maasstad hospital

Acute and top clinic care has been a priority in our hospital’s strategy for years, but actually moving forward turned out to be complex. For this reason the hospital has chosen to appoint portfolio medical leaders, to create meaningful development. One of the portfolios is acute care. This extra focus has helped realizing our strategy.

In order to set the incentives right and give our medical  professionals the space they need to work free from any financial trigger, we made innovative contracts  with our three biggest health insurers. The contracts are based on reimbursement by lump sum for acute care. This means that we receive a fixed amount per year for our complete acute care pathways. In addition, if we manage to improve our results on a set of additional KPIs, we receive an additional bonus. That bonus comes to the benefit of the entire hospital and its health care professionals. In this way, we get rid of any financial incentive for higher production rate on one hand, but we enforce the connection between quality and payment on the other hand.

In order to be able to deliver the highest quality of care for our acute patients, we have to make sure that a number of factors is organized optimally to create better patient value. We have the next set of KPI’s with well-defined and ambitious targets; quality of care and patient satisfaction, accessibility, waiting times and appropriateness. We will measure our progress on these KPI’s systematically and on a regular base with a dashboard.

To realize the aim it is essential to collaborate with all healthcare providers surrounding us. We recently signed a letter of intent with the Acute Primary Care Facility adjacent to our ER. We intent to cooperate closely and form a single entrance with shared triage, for all our acute patients. That way we want to make sure that the patient get the right care on the right time by the right professional on the right place.